We provide [LaTeX] and [MS-Word] templates for the abstract file. Please follow the format guidelines suggested therein and submit the abstract file by uploading it in the PDF format (of maximum size of 2 MB) at the upload page.

Each abstract is associated with a “presenting author” who submits the abstract, presents the paper, and receives all correspondence regarding abstract submission and paper presentation. The presenting author must register before submitting an abstract [or a maximum of two (2) abstracts].

  • Please label the abstract file as: username_N.pdf, where username stands for the "ICTCA2017 Login Username" and N stands for 1 or 2.
  • The complete abstract file must include the filled out cover page followed by the one-page or less abstract.

The presenting author submitting an abstract to one of the Special/Structured Sessions is advised to contact by e-mail the Special/Structured Session Organizer(s) prior to submission if the author is uncertain whether his/her abstract falls within the scope of the Special/Structured Session.

If the abstract is not intended for any of the Special/Structured Sessions, it should then be submitted to the Regular Session as explained in the abstract file template.

There will be no Poster Session at the ICTCA2017.

The authors will be encouraged to convert their presentations into manuscripts of full-length research papers and the Journal of Computational Acoustics will be accepting such manuscripts for Special Issues on topics specified by the Guest Editors.


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