The International Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics (ICTCA) is a U.S.-based organization, founded in 1992 by late Dr. Ding Lee of Naval Underwater Systems Center. The ICTCA’s purpose is to promote scientific work and international cooperation in all areas of acoustics, which are among basic principles of engineering sciences, and hold an international conference every two years. Twelve conferences have been held to date.

The themes of the ICTCA2017 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials 
  • Animal Bioacoustics 
  • Flow Acoustics 
  • Environmental Noise and Vibrations: Prediction, Control, and Mitigation
  • Infrasound in Ocean and Atmosphere
  • Location and Separation of Sound Sources
  • Inverse Problems of Seabed Acoustics
  • Monitoring of Sound from Air- and Water-Borne Sources
  • Ocean Acoustics of Earthquakes (Seismo-Acoustics)
  • Physical Acoustics
  • Scattering and Diffraction of Acoustic and Elastic Waves
  • Seismics: Strong Motion Synthetics, Ground Effects of Earthquakes, and Theoretical Seismograms
  • Signal and Information Processing
  • Speech Processing and Communication
  • Structural Acoustics and Vibration
  • Ultrasonics
  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Wave Propagation Modeling in Boreholes and Rocks; Viscoelastic, Porous, Fractured, Inhomogeneous, Random, and Layered Media; and along Fluid-Solid Interfaces


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